Centre for drama in education and art CEDEUM / SERBIA

Centre for drama in education and art CEDEUM is an organization founded in 1999. and since then it has been continuously active in the fields of culture, education and social activism. The main aim of the organization is the promotion and affirmation of drama/theatre art and creation in all fields and all levels of education and art. 

CEDEUM members are theatre and other artists, pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, learning difficulty and impairment educational specialists, teachers, professors, new media experts and others. Members of CEDUM are active bearers of innovative, creative and participative practices and policies of development, featuring creative drama and drama/theatre in education, new tendencies in performing arts for children and youth. CEDEUM contributes to these fields through interdisciplinary approaches, as well in different formats of local, regional and international meetings, professional conferences, presentations, seminars, workshops and training of drama/theatre in education and art, collaboration and partnerships, and has extensive and long-lasting experience in these fields and activities. 

CEDEUM advocates for the implementation of drama in the educational system; it is involved through the working groups and bodies within the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic Serbia in reformation processes and works on strategies in culture and education, recommending practices improving creative and art education, culture of dialogue, education for peace, interactive and inclusive methods, intercultural learning, human and children rights.

CEDEUM supports other organizations and institutions dedicated to applying drama and theatre in education as its members and has a wide network of collaborators, in Belgrade and throughout Serbia.

CEDEUM is a member and a national seat of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association IDEA and a regional centre for Europe IDEA Europe. The president of CEDEUM, Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, became the president of the Executive Board of the IDEA organization. She is also a member of the Coordination Committee for Europe regional network – IDEA Europe.

Most important projects:

“Creative projects games – New Skoligrica and Skozoriste”, within the project “Cultural participation and cultural heritage” carried out by The Institute for Cultural Development Studies, in partnership with Cultural Institution “Parobrod”, with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Serbia (2016)

“Are You In? (R.UIn?)” Erasmus + EU project on developing innovative Drama in Education methodologies for prevention of peer bullying, including cyber bullying. (2016-2018)

“Mater Terra”, theatre festival of school theatres with children and youth, focused on performances related to ecology and ecology of the soul (since 2014)

“New Creative Choices – Developing an Open System of Educational Drama and Theatre as an Incentive of Roma Inclusion” with participation of 8 East European countries, supported by the Fund for an Open Society – Arts and Culture Programme, Budapest, Hungary (2010 – 2013)

DICE Project – “Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competencies in Education”, longitudinal research project, testing impact of DiE/TiE practices on 5 of 8 Lisbon Key Competencies, in partnership of 12 European countries, supported by EU COMENIUS (2009 – 2011). 

• Project “School Forum Theatre for School without Violence”, a teacher training within the project “School without Violence”, collaboration of UNICEF and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (ongoing since 2005)

• Projects “Let’s Show Ourselves… Together”, “Theatre for Ethnic Dialogue”, COOPI Internazionale, and projects “I Perform to Advocate”, “Young Activists” and “View from The Other Side” – CARE International, European Commission – Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights, (2003-2006)

Bitef Polyphony, Side programme of BITEF, Belgrade International Festival of New Theatre Tendencies, the oldest and most significant and influential. 1st BITEF took place in 1967, and Polyphony is the side programme since 2000. 

Project “Art for Social Change – Play Against Violence”: funded by EFC Amsterdam in collaboration with the network of Funds for an Open Society. The project was developed in 7 South-East European Countries, exploring the role of artists in their work with young people under the crises, war or conflict circumstances. The project involved more local arts organisations in each partner country, with CEDEUM being the project leader in Serbia with Cenpi and Anet as main local partners (1999 – 2004)

Team of the I-TAP-PD project:

Sanja Krsmanović Tasić – CEDEUM project leader, theatre director, choreographer, actress, teacher trainer
Dunja Đokić – project coordinator and administrator 
Anđelija Jočić – team member, drama teacher, language teacher, teacher trainer, translator
Bojana Škorc – consultant, psychologist, lecturer
Ana Pinter – team member, theatre director, lecturer, educator
Nikola Koruga – team member, andragogue, educator, youth trainer
Jugoslav Hadžić – team member, musician, actor
Marta Keler – team member actress, drama teacher, youth trainer
Anastasia Tasić – team member, visual artist and designer
Aleksandra Popović – team member, organizer of events, coordinator
Borisav Matić – team member, dramaturg, drama and creative artist teacher