IO1 / I-TAP-PD Pilot 1 Training Programme

A 5-day Pilot I-TAP-PD residential program and resources was developed as Intellectual Output 01. LTT1 (online) August

IO2 / I-TAP-PD Resources

Intellectual Output I0 2 consisted of a number & range of outputs that are freely available on what we use as the I-TAP-PD Digital Resource Platform (I-TAP-PD DRP). The I-TAP-PD DRP serves as a lively platform for dissemination & communication, exchange & debate about the topics of art education & TAP professional development. This output consists of Resource pack: I-TAP-PD training, materials and handbook; Exemplary case studies; The podcast; FB & Instagram connected to the DRP, announcing the newest activities in the project or the DRP; Other relevant sources including Instagram, FB & Twitter.

IO3 / Final I-TAP-PD Programme, Research and Evaluation Output & Translated Resources

A cumulative final I-TAP-PD Programme with on-line Research and Evaluation Output & Translated resources will be accessible and downloadable through the project’s public Digital Resources Platform (DRP) for disseminating all the project’s outputs.