On the 30th of June, July 1 & 2 we met to discuss, disseminate, and celebrate I-TAP-PD International Teacher-Artist Partnership Professional Development Erasmus+ project in Athens.

“Sustainable models of Teacher- Artist Partnerships (TAP) in 21st century Education: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity” was the title of our Conference and our 3-day endeavor to wrap the core-ideas of the whole project and encapsulate the essential innovative elements for the newcomers and the old members.


On Saturday, 5 November 2022 I-TAP-PD  embarked on our first Multiplier Event in Dublin in tandem with our friends and colleagues’ the Arts in Education Portal National Conference day. The event took place at East Quad, TU Dublin, in partnership with TU Dublin School of Art and Design and Conservatoire of Music and Drama and the Erasmus+ International Teacher-Artist Partnership (I-TAP-PD) PD Programme. What a day and what a space!

The conference was officially opened by John Walsh, Head of School, TU Dublin School of Art and Design, and later in the day John facilitated a tour of part of the East Quad campus giving participants a look at the state-of-the-art facilities available to students.


On the 20th of April 2023, the NL I-TAP-PD team successfully organized a highly informative and collaborative event, which was attended by 52 individuals at the Vrijstaat Boerderij in Utrecht.

In order to disseminate knowledge to a wider audience beyond our network, we collaborated with another esteemed organization, ClickF1, which shares our values and is also working on the Erasmus+ project called SocVoc.

This project focuses on enhancing social vocational skills among youth and adults in detention centers. ClickF1 is an arts education organization and the theme of the day centered on the importance of creativity for a healthy and steady development of people of all ages.


The Belgrade Multiplier Event organized by CEDEUM took the form of a Symposium with the name “Creative Potentials of Partnership Between Teachers and Artists” as part of the IX Children’s and Young People’s Theatre Festival MATER TERRA in the space of the Student City Cultural Centre in Belgrade. The Symposium was tailored for the professional development of teachers and artists, through the presentation of the results of the ERASMUS+ project I-TAP-PD (International Teacher-Artist Partnership Professional Development), in which CEDEUM is one of the partners.