Klaas Dijkstra on what a 10 year long teacher artist partnership had brought to his classroom

This is a very special episode for us and of course we hope you’ll enjoy it too! We are going to talk to one of our own, about the work that we are doing together.

Klaas Dijkstra is teacher at Basisschool de Pijlstaart, Manja and Linda have been working with Klaas since 2011! This is a longlasting teacher-artist partnership. In this episode we’ll take you with us to Klaas’ classroom. What happens after such a long period of a teacher and two artists creating education together.

As an example we are discussing our latest co-created project called Chilling with Heritage. In this project we added another discipline to our team, namely historians, to create a project in which citizenship, history, heritage, art and creativity come together.

‘When we use the ‘chilling’ exercises the children can dive pretty deep into images of art. They have really interesting ideas and thoughts about what they are seeing.’

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