Ingrid Krottendorfer on bringing arts and culture into the training of teachers

Today Manja interviews Ingrid Krottendorfer. She is deputy of department 3 at NCoC for Cultural Education in Austria.

The NCoC for Arts Education operates across Austria and across school types in the subjects Theatre, Dance, Music, Arts Education and Crafts and Design. Additionally, the NCoC is committed to promoting arts education in all school subjects.

The National Center of Competence (NCoC) for Arts Education is an institution of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and the University College of Teacher Education Lower Austria (PH NOE).

Read more about the National center of competence and the courses that are mentioned in the podcast here:

Website: NCoC:

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The theatre website Ingrid referred to: “Netzwerk Theater in der Schule”:

Drama in Education: A catalogue of Students’ Competences:

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